Custom Instagram face filters allow users to interact with your brand’s content through augmented (AR) reality technology on Instagram and Facebook!

Benefit from our extensive digital expertise and innovative software solutions that we develop in-house. Pioneering online products. Creative social media assets such as AR filters or GIF stickers provide valuable touchpoints with your brand.

Individual brand design. With us, your brand will be remembered. Whether device design, software design, landing page, user interface or photo printout - we offer you the opportunity to individualize all touchpoints of the user journey and to design them in the design of your brand.

Custom Instagram Face Filters

Custom instagram face filters allow users to interact with your brand’s content through augmented (AR) reality technology on Instagram and Facebook! Instagram AR filters are a great way for brands to engage followers and organically attract new supporters who are already fans of your content.



Custom Face Filters are positioned in a very unique way on Instagram as they receive constant shares and attention with no maintenance required


It’s easy to track the interactions your filters have with users, it’s also easy to make a really, really, good case as to why you should add face filters into your digital strategy.

FFIG filters for instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding Augmented Reality (AR) and Instagram Face Filters here. If your question cannot be found here do not hesitate to contact us.

We can help with that! Creativity is the name of our game. We pride ourselves in educating clients about the capabilities of augmented reality filters as well as design possibilities with GIFs. We’ll help you get on your thinking cap in the context of these exciting technologies. A great starting point is to think about elements or motifs of your brand, whether visual, spoken or lived, that could translate well into virtual experiences. We can’t wait to make your ideas come to life!


Generally, anything is possible! The software does have some limitations but our team is made up of experts in the field and can clearly explain where those limitations are and devise advanced techniques to suit your AR experience needs.

For our standard and premium pricing plans, we handle the upload process for you! For the basic plan, we will deliver the effect file and clear instructions on how to upload yourself.

The main factor when it comes to measuring engagement rates on Instagram is the number of people that interact with your Instagram account. Instagram camera effects are distributed throughout Instagram in a unique way with minimal competition. If your filter gains initial traction in its first days available, the Instagram algorithm will push it to your followers and they will find it organically in their camera reel. When they share their filter on their story that counts as a share of your content. Additionally, anyone who sees one of your followers stories using your filter will count towards an impression of your account. You could see how this could boost engagement if your filter gains traction and many people are sharing it daily.

Yes! When filters are uploaded to an Instagram account a filter feed is created. This is found beside tagged posts on an Instagram page and denoted by a smiley face. Tap on this smiley face to find effects that the page has posted. Alternatively, you can access camera effects from your Instagram camera, or find the effect gallery by scrolling all the way to the right of filters in your camera and tapping the “Browse Effects” button. For more information and examples, please refer to our blog post on this subject.

Companies of all scales are using filters and GIFs in branding initiatives. Nike, Gucci, Coca-Cola, and Kylie Cosmetics are some examples of household names tapping into these powerful assets. Some of our favorite client projects have been for 437 Swimwear, a luxury swimsuit brand, Collective Arts Brewing, a Canadian brewery that has in its mandate to support and feature artists, and Three Ships Beauty, a clean skincare brand making good skincare affordable.It’s also important to note that GIFs and filters are also very beneficial to those creating personal brands, like influencers or creators, or musicians. 

Augmented Reality has been around for decades but has just been integrated into Facebook and Instagram! Meaning that this is a new emerging market and is the most undersaturated area in terms of content on both platforms.

Yes! You can add audio to your filter that will play when the user interacts with it and shares it!

Common AR techniques include but are not limited to, color filtering, user and background separation, skin smoothing, putting 2D or 3D objects on the user or in the background, adding makeup which could be reflective to lights in the AR software, adding audio or sound effects, deforming the users face (bigger eyes etc..) and more!

Yes! We offer package discounts for multiple filter projects. The discount is specific to the amount of filters required and AR techniques used.

Yes! Though we don’t promote it in our creative package options, we love working with repeat clients (you know our process and we know yours!) and are happy to discuss a retainer agreement. Please reach out directly at for the next steps.